Discover the power of Relaxed Concentration, the secret of high performance in business and life, through a unique and highly effective approach to creative thinking based on the latest brain and learning research. "The Business of Juggling" is a hugely popular session because it takes you physically from 'I can't' to 'I can" so quickly that almost anything becomes possible. During this session your thinking will be challenged in a graphic, practical and tactile way which imprints the learning process on your mind. Not only that, but this session also offers you the opportunity to get your message across to your team or conference delegates in an unforgettably dynamic way.

The core element of The Business of Juggling is of course the art of three ball juggling. Is this useful in the business world? Most definitely! This is a session which will rattle the cage of everyone who attends, and the message behind the process of learning three-ball juggling is an incredibly powerful one. The ancient skill of Juggling serves as the perfect physical metaphor for Change, Risk, Balance, Focus and Personal Accomplishment - all of them daily skills which anyone interested in surviving the rigours of 'real' life really should practice.

By learning to juggle, your group, team, or conference delegates will develop new responses for improving performance. Through the highly interactive device of juggling three balls, they will also change their beliefs about how they can make change happen.

An added attraction with this session is the option for your team or conference delegates to receive a fully customized set of three professional standard juggling balls in a presentation box. You can have your company logo or slogan printed onto each of the balls, the presentation box and the instruction booklet to reinforce the message that you are projecting.

This unusual corporate gift will blow away your guests - you'll have to admit that getting an executive juggling set is much more interesting than a boring old golf umbrella or a baseball cap! For more details on the options available for a fully customized juggling kit to compliment your next team session, training seminar or company conference, click here.
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