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As the business world is bombarded from every angle by phone, fax, telex, email, mobile phone, office memo, TV, radio, and the internet, more and more people are finding that information overload is becoming a growing problem. This fact alone creates stresses and moulds unproductive habits which prevent people from realising their true potential.
Here is a new and very different series of keynote presentations and "break-the-day" workshop sessions presented by a dynamic speaker who will leave your guests feeling awake, alive, and more aware of their own abilities than they ever were before.

You can experience first-hand the shot in the arm you'll get from taking part in such an innovative, unusual, and far reaching session. I'll take you on a fully researched and structured journey that can go in any direction - from subdued excitement to barely controlled chaos. On the way you'll have the opportunity to watch members of your team as they take part in a graphic display of how they think and interact. Whatever happens, your group will emerge from the other side of a session with me having discovered more about themselves in one hour than any other team building activity will teach them.

Let me take your group physically and mentally from 'I can't' to 'I can' so quickly that almost anything becomes possible. Some companies have viewed my sessions initially as being purely for entertainment and a little light relief.  However, all have been astonished to discover how much they actually learn from each session, and the scope of the benefits they can utilize:
- Instilling a 'can do' Culture
- The Art of Relaxed Concentration
- Developing Creativity and Initiative
- How you Perceive Yourself and Others
- Effective Learning - the Mechanics
- What it means to say YES and NO
- Breaking Down Barriers
- Adapting to Change
- Stress Management made Simple
- Team Building with a Difference
- Beating your Fear of Failure
- Restoring Self-Confidence
But don't take my word for it. Discover for yourself what you can get from our sessions either by checking out what our clients have said about us, or simply ask us yourself by contacting us direct.
Of course, you may be busy and want to find out RIGHT NOW, so follow any of the links on the right of this page for more immediate details on the different sessions that you can take part in.
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